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Haute Couture Confectionary

Decadent indulgence has a new home. Sweet Fashion House is more than a patisserie, it’s a designer dessert boutique. Inspired by artistry, our handcrafted cakes, chocolates and pastries are lovingly made from the finest and freshest high-quality ingredients, before being delivered with care, right to your doorstep.

Our chefs are artisans and dessert devotees. Never settling for less than perfection, they bring beauty, elegance and imagination to every bespoke creation.

Let us turn your celebrations, special occasions and events into chances to savour sweet treats in high style.


Let the romantic Ispahan styled cream fulfil your heart's desire with charming hints of raspberry, lychee cream jelly and vanilla mousse on a nutty pistacio bread biscuit.
Admire the frosty flower flakes of cherry blossoms in this admirable, all cherry dessert.
For the bold and daring, and days you don't give a damn. Match your mood with the intense taste of tonka beans and pomelo in this insolant dessert.
Travel through time with the reminsicing flavours of exceptionally fine pu-erh tea and chocolate with a note of smoky aroma.
A decadent dessert that has travelled far and wide with an oriental twist of popular Hong Kong milk tea on the French classic and a sinful chocolate suprise.
Explore the regions of Bajio, Mexico through the exotic aroma of anise mixed with Bailey's and citrus marmalade on a neutralising vanilla sponge cake.