Haute Couture Confectionary

Decadent indulgence has a new home. Sweet Fashion House is more than a patisserie, it’s a designer dessert boutique. Inspired by artistry, our handcrafted cakes, chocolates and pastries are lovingly made from the finest and freshest high-quality ingredients, before being delivered with care, right to your doorstep.

Our chefs are artisans and dessert devotees. Never settling for less than perfection, they bring beauty, elegance and imagination to every bespoke creation.

Let us turn your celebrations, special occasions and events into chances to savour sweet treats in high style.


Smooth and irresistible, our Asian truffles are filled with a wasabi and lemon ganache.
Our Classic collection is inspired by tempting flavours: the outer shell gives way to a soft, indulgent centre.
Succumb to our creamiest chocolate creations for melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Each delightful bite hides a creamy filling of one of our five exciting flavours: milk tea, cappuccino, chai, exotic, or crispy praline.
Our Reverie macarons taste like real fruit and yoghurt: lighter and fresher than you've ever experienced.
Savour our culinary take on velvet: a delicate combination of lychee and orange blossom with a special Ceremonial Matcha tea. This elegant cake is sure to be everyone's new favourite.
A bitesize of our ultimate chocolate lovers' recipe, this decadent dessert is the perfect balance of bold cocoa flavours from Guanaja, 70% Grand cru, and smooth creaminess.