Biscuit Cardamome / Mandarine and Yuzu Spread / Mandarine Jelly / Yuzu white chocolate Mousse


We are glad to introduce a new delicious cake, which has been created especially for the festive occasion: the Mandarin Cake. It is a balanced composition of textures and flavours. Not only does it take the shape of an orange delight, it also creates a harmony between sweet and citrusy notes, which appear with the Yuzu white chocolate mousse and the Mandarin jelly. Moreover, the variety of textures, which is introduced with the biscuit cardamome, makes the dessert even more memorable for your taste buds.

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Serving Suggestion

Room temperature for 10 minutes before serving

Shelf Life

2 days

Produced in a Hong Kong factory where gluten, milk, egg and nut is also handled

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