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Costa (Coffee and Mekonga chocolate 70% from Vietnam), Malteado (Pumpkin seed praline and barley syrup ganache), Aztec (ganache infused with toasted Cocoa nibs from Venezuela), Grand cru (Jamaya chocolate 73% from Jamaica), Sicilian (pistachio from Bronte ganache), Musc (coriander ganache), Piemonte (passion fruit gel and gianduja), Fragance (Madagascar vanilla ganache), Armorique (salted butter caramel ganache), Sens (white chocolate ganache infuse with cardamom and lemon), Sudamel (sudachi caramel ganache), Malay (Sarawak Pepper from Malasia)

The full collection of our ganaches. You can enjoy all the flavours of bonbons and try all the different pairings and different origins. This will allow you to fully appreciate the aroma of our singular chocolate plantation from small producer all around the world!


The sheer mass of different Criollo cocoa varieties creates a unique sensory experience and differentiates this chocolate box from others. The persistence and balance are perfect, and flavour nuances are endless. It is an extraordinary and elegant combination of ingredients like pistachio from Bronte, vanilla from Madagascar, hazelnut from Piedmont and there is even a pairing with coriander.

Toasted cocoa nibs delicately highlight the roasted flavour of the cocoa. You will also discover well rounded and fruity coffee and Mekonga chocolate from Vietnam from the heart of the fertile Mekong valley. Here the traditional cocoa cooperative is combined with expertise and passion. Cocoa pods are also directly selected from diverse plantations. Very original chocolate, with notes of dried fruits, honey and citrus-fruit-like aromas : MEKONGA 70%.

The pairing of barley sirup and pumpkin seed, as well as the Caribbean treasure, a chocolate from Jamaica. “Jamaya®” is a voluptuous chocolate with delicate vanilla notes. On the nose, the aromatic expression is very full-bodied. On the palate, the attack is immediate and powerful with freshness. Then gently unfold fabulous honey and pecan notes. At the end of the mouth, a big stubborn and pure extension.

Dark, rich, amazing!

It is perfect for those who want to enjoy the full range of our different flavours.

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