Berries / Pistachio


Berries / Pistachio is one extraordinary tart! Never the same, who knows which type of berries will be on the tart today? Sweet Fashion House has exclusive production ruled by seasonal ingredients, and there’s no perfect example than the Berries / Pistachio tart. One day, it may be freshly picked Gariguettes from France (April – May), wild strawberries from Malaga (flown in on the day), Mara des Bois or Cariguette from France! Berries vary daily.

Berries / Pistachio is an almond shortcrust pastry with pistachio financier and whipped fromage blanc topped fresh berries (depend on importation).

Chocolate plaque

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  • almond shortcrust pastry
  • pistachio financier
  • whipped fromage blanc
  • fresh berries (depend on importation. Varies daily)
  • or wild strawberries from Malaga (flown in on the day)
  • or Mara des Bois
  • Gariguette from France
  • best way to keep the freshness, store in refrigerator at 5 degrees and consume immediately for optimum freshness and coolness