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Sweet Fashion House is dedicated to making your visions come to life in the most exquisite ways. All the products have the option to be customised and personalised. 

In addition, new creations can be constructed according to your desires.


Have a look at all the customisation options and do not hesitate to create the delicacy of your dreams!


Custom-printed Macarons

Perfect for expressing your unique designs, corporate branding, and special messages!

We use edible colour inks.

IMG_2149 2_edited_edited.jpg

Customised packaging

You can go the extra mile and request any packaging design. 

This extra touch will go a long way in making your order look professional, festive, and personal. 

Customisable cakes

Transform your celebrations with custom-made cakes just for you!


We provide many ways of personalising our cakes, starting with a simple chocolate plaque with your message on it, all the way chocolate statues and layered cakes created solely for your enjoyment!

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