Back to Classics is an ode to all of the classic French favourites. Savour and reminisce some of your all-time favourites, with a twist of course. This set of four includes Mille Feuille, Flan Parisien, Mont Blanc and Grand Cru. *Kindly note that Flan is not available on Mondays, we may substitute with another piece from the same collection.

Back to Classics Taster's Set

    • Mille Feuille; puff pastry with caramel toffee cream, light Mascarpone cream
    • Flan Parisien; vanilla custard puff pastry
    • Grand Cru; cocoa shortcrust with Jamaican 73% ganache
    • Lemon tart; almond shortcrust pastry, sponge cake soak with lemon syrup candied lemon, mint creamy jelly, lemon, yuzu and lime cream, crispy and light meringue.
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