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Sweet Fashion House

not just another cake shop

About our ICON

Peony, nature's perfect design

The Peony flower is our beloved icon, a symbol of prosperity, happiness and peace. The exquisite flower is the epitome of simplicity meets perfection. Just like our collection of cakes, chocolates and macarons, the peony represents our time to bloom. Twice a year, we change our core collection, inspired by new beginnings, a fresh perspective and inspirations that carries joy and happiness.

Subtle and sophisticated, our collection is inspired by nature's most perfect design.

The peony is nature's most perfect design

-Kirill Neklyudov, CEO


Anything but ordinary. We’re not just another cake shop!

Sweet Fashion House aims to delight and surprise our guests each and every time. Like the many great international fashion houses, known for its timelessness and trend-setting ways- our collection of cakes and confectionaries transition along with the season and ingredients available. As a patisserie, as our name “fashion” suggests, we aim to be innovative, on the forefront of “the world of patisserie” and always evolving.

Fine Ingredients

Trend-setter, rulebreaker

Every season, a classic is interpreted with a contemporary twist, ruled by the seasonal ingredients. Fueled by dreams and journeys.



Transpiring the world of style and design, we pay ode to our love for fashion through cakes. Art and Innovation becomes a reality.



Made 100% in-house from raw ingredients sourced from around the world, every item is created by our dedicated team. Masters of their craft. Passion rules. Excellence met.

Our Promise

Quality without Compromise

In everything that we do, we aim to delight and surprise each and every time.

Expect the unexpected

Classic yet Bold. Tarts with a Twist.

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