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Sweet Fashion house


Sweet Fashion House prides itself in traditional dessert-making method with full of amazing interpretation. Our eye-catching cakes, pastries and macarons have the richness and pureness of mouth-watering flavours. We continue to delight and surprise our ever-growing followers.​

We source the best ingredients such as fresh cream from Hokkaido, seasonal fruits from France, single-origin cocoa, Appellation d'Origine Protégée (AOP) butter, IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts to name a few. ​

All our products are made in-house in Hong Kong in a 14,000+ square feet  state-of-the-art kitchen facilities with production capacity to support regional distribution.​

Established in 2018 under the leadership of Kirill Neklyudov, CEO, and driven by  award-winning Creative Director Gael Majchrazak, they lead a Boutique de Pâtisserie, where Fine Pastry meets Art and Innovation. Chef Gael has over 15-years experience with two and three-star Michelin Chefs, a finalist at the World Chocolate Masters in France and won the Best Craftsmen in France at the prestigious “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” competition.​

Our association with fashion’s timeless and avant-garde designs are translated into our creative collection of cakes and confectioneries using seasonal best in class ingredients. ​

From Bespoke cakes, chocolate, to classic French desserts, everything is about being elegantly playful.​


Our Ingredients

Sweet Fashion House prides itself in using the best ingredients out there. We get products shipped from all over the world and combine them to create our intricate delicacies! 

All of our chocolate is single-origin and fair trade! In addition, the majority of the chocolate used in our production is Criollo, which is widely considered to be rarer and more beloved than other cacao varieties. 

Our Team


Kirill Neklyudov

CEO and founder

Overall Company commercial strategy, product management and leading the development of the long-term strategy with the goal of increased shareholder value. Kirill is a professional entrepreneur with 25 years of experience. Throughout his career, he led and championed numerous successful projects from start-ups to the sales of businesses across different sectors.


Gael Majchrzak

General Manager and Creative Director

A Master of Art and Creations, Gael leads and oversees the product development and concept. With over 15 years of experience in the culinary world at Michelin star restaurants. His passion and dedication to his craft was recognized by industry awards, he was a finalist in the coveted World Chocolate Masters France and participated in the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition. (Best Craftsmen in France).

Our Factory

Located in Tuen Mun and with state-of-the-art equipment across multiple work station and rooms.

We are proud to meet every requirement and

certification in the catering and food product industry. We invest in our people


All our products are prepared by pastry experts, exceptional in their field and passionate about their craft.

Taste the difference; your customers will be able to!


Hong Kong | China | Macau | Pacific Asia



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Peony, nature's perfect design

About our ICON

The Peony flower is our beloved icon, a symbol of prosperity, happiness and peace. The exquisite flower is the epitome of simplicity meets perfection. Just like our collection of cakes, chocolates and macarons, the peony represents our time to bloom. Twice a year, we change our core collection, inspired by new beginnings, a fresh perspective and inspirations that carries joy and happiness. 


Classic & Bold! We are not just another cake shop,

Sweet Fashion House aims to delight and surprise our guests each and every time. Like the many great international fashion houses, known for its timelessness and trend-setting ways- our collection of cakes and confectionaries transition along with the season and ingredients available. As a patisserie, as our name “fashion” suggests, we aim to be innovative, on the forefront of “the world of patisserie” and always evolving. 

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